The Ground Control Cyclops

The Ground Control Cyclops

Using the Ground Control Cyclops as their vessel, innovation, quality, and even aesthetics are being pushed to a new level within batch brewing. As opposed to its counterparts, the Ground Control does not use a gravity percolation brewing process. Instead, a three-step combination of immersion, agitation, and vacuum brewing is employed, each starting with fresh water to ensure that only the cleanest and most preferable flavors are achieved in the final brew. Once the desired recipe is achieved, the push of a button is all that is required to ensure that the same taste is produced again and again.

The Ground Control separates itself from other batch brewers by implementing a series of small batches which are brewed individually and then blended together to deliver the final brew result. Not only can each desired recipe be saved for repeatable results, but various parameters within each cycle can be customized by temperature, speed, and agitation time. However, hot coffee is not the only area in which this machine shines. The Ground Control is also more than capable as a brewer for tea, cold brew, and even highly extracted concentrates that rival espresso for use in iced lattes, making the Ground Control an ideal choice for any high volume cafe. A starter kit for the Ground Control is also available and includes 5 boxes of paper filters, 1 preventative maintenance kit, 1 perforated brew basket disk, 1 mesh mushroom filter, and plenty of 3/8" and 5/8" tubing for installation.

One system brews all your coffee and tGround Control understands that not all coffee equipment should take a "one size fits all" approach, which is why black and white color options are available to best suit the cafe in which it sits. To up the ante, you can choose which electrical configuration works best for your environment, and a starter kit is also available. A few of the most notable performance features include a 1/2 HP pump, allowing for more efficient vacuuming of denser slurries (including concentrates), increased water volume accuracy and consistency by flow meter, a locking pin which disallows the removal of the brew basket while the machine is in use, and a basket detection sensor that prevents a brewing cycle from starting if the brew basket is not in place when using the safety package. Additionally, a Preventative Maintenance Kit is offered to keep the Ground Control running smoothly. 


Brew beverages faster, more consistently, more deliciously, and with far less training. Serve 5 Iced Lattes a minute and brew a gallon of cold brew in 8 minutes using up to 40% less coffee.

Brew batch filter coffee, tea, and even cacao!

You can find a detailed spec sheet for the machine here.


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